Harvard Yellow Tree

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Commissioned by Harvard University, to initiate their expansion plan in Brighton, MA. “Yellow Tree” represents a rootedness in the community, as well as a sense of constant growth upward and branching outward


“Yellow Tree” was created by Boston based artist, Zacharie Lanoue, utilizing a unique image-making process the artist calls “Landscan.”


“I came up with this idea when I was seven, but I didn’t know how to do it at the time. With a lot of experimentation and influence of science and art, I adapted this technique for creating images.”




Adapted from the scientific process of photogrammetry, used to create photo maps. “Yellow Tree” was composed by manually collaging hundred of photos of the same subject to create a realistic abstraction of a single Maple Tree 🍁.

(Watch the process in the time-lapse video below )


“Conceptually, we wanted to do something different for street art. Instead of a painted mural, this landscan technique is a combination of science, innovation, and art. It signifies promise.”




The installation is an early piece in a long-term Harvard-funded initiative to explore how public art can activate Western Avenue. The project could last up to a decade, as more development begins to change the landscape of the neighborhood.


Revision & Recycle

Following the dismantling of the installation, the material was all recycled in to tote-bags and given back to the community.


Artist: Zacharie Lanoue / Curator: Olivia Ives-Flores / Creative Director: Isenberg Projects / Managing Partner : Graffito SP

Special Thanks to: The Davis Companies and Harvard University


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