DB Films


A New York and LA based director and film maker

Credit: Dillon Buss

Credit: Dillon Buss


This is our second time working together with Dillon. When he first launched his site the challenge was to create a cohesive brand & website that represented his multi-passionate lifestyle as an artist/skateboarder/film maker.


After two years of further developing his career and refining his professional identity as a director, he came to us again with a new set of objectives; to streamline his brand, website and highlight his commercial and personal films. The result was a refined brand aesthetic and site that featured his films with a full screen video banner and minimalistic portfolio.

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Olivia is an artist, curator and designer living and working in Boston & NYC. Blending artistic fluency with a passion for art, branding and design, she specializes in designing visual narratives, exhibition curation and building brands that bring people together around art in the physical and digital world. 

Friends like to call her Olive :)


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