Sneaker Museum


The Sneaker Museum is a new type of museum, dedicated to presenting sneaker culture as a pivotal juncture in contemporary history. The mission is to provide insight into the multifaceted heritage of sneaker culture through the permanent collection, exhibitions, educational programs and a unique online experience.


“The day I put on my first pair I was invincible — able to leap tall hoops in a single bound. Who needs a cape when you've got Air Jordans?”


Collector and Founder of the Sneaker Museum


We worked with the founder and sneaker heads to create a brand identity that resonated with sneaker culture and established the museum and the permanent collection, of 800+ Nike Air Jordans, as an authority on sneaker history.


Our goal was to challenge the notion of the “museum” by creating a living cultural entity. With a creative team of historians, photographers, videographers, writers, designers, influencers, bloggers and stylists we worked collaboratively to tell the Sneaker Museum's story and sneaker history.


The sneaker museum website serves as an archive of the collection a.k.a “the Vault”

and a reference point for sneaker history. Starting with the release of the original Air Jordan in 1984, each year showcases pieces from the collection and highlights from basketball history and pop-culture.


We designed a collection of print collateral and swag to compliment exhibitions and to share with the “street team”.


“I feel like sneakers belong on a pedestal.”

The Air Jordan is seen by both sneaker enthusiasts and museum shoe curators as a revolutionary collaboration that heralded the beginnings of sneakers crossing over from an athletic necessity to a fashion staple.



We also curated a series of exhibitions, pop-ups and parties to showcase the collection. The Sneaker Museum is currently on tour with the ‘Rise of Sneaker Culture’ exhibition organized by the American Federation of Arts and the Bata Shoe Museum.


Creative Director & Designer: Olivia Ives-Flores / Video Director: Dillon Buss / Photographer: Zacharie Lanoue / Copy Writers: Lori Lobinstein and Alex Pearlman


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Olivia is an artist, curator and designer living and working in Boston & NYC. Blending artistic fluency with a passion for art, branding and design, she specializes in designing visual narratives, exhibition curation and building brands that bring people together around art in the physical and digital world. 

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